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Celtic Stud Earrings Tiny sterling silver stud earrings to match your many Celtic moods. Sorry, Owl Studs and Treble Clef Studs no longer available.

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Item Price Quantity
J10164 Flying Bird Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
J10624 Newgrange Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
Out of Stock
expected date
J10474 Crescent Moon Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
J10030 Trinity Knot Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
Out of Stock
J10491 Shamrock Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
J13650 Triple Wave Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
J13670 Dragon Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
Out of Stock
J10020 Elemental Cross Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
Out of Stock
J10125 Wee Spiral Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
J10210 Tiny Heart Knot Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
Out of Stock
J10040 Triple Spiral Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
J10508 Celtic Posy Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
Out of Stock
J10558 Leafy Stud Earrings
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
J10398 Two-Tone Bird Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
Out of Stock
J10509 Rose Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
J10691 Simple Spiral Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
Out of Stock
J10532 Square Knot Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
Out of Stock
J10312 Snowflake Studs
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
Out of Stock
expected date

Customer Reviews

Celtic Stud Earrings These are a gift for a grand-daughter and were really nice. They are a good size for a young girl, as well. – james crawford, 2018-11-18

Earrings  Love the earrings! – Susan Campbell, 2018-11-06

Simply perfect The spiral earrings are beautiful!! Love them in all their simplicity! – Carol, 2018-10-29

Trinity Spiral Earrings Perfect small post that is easy to wear every day. Packaged well. Delivered promptly. It's easy to find beautiful things from this company! – Ruth, 2018-09-26

Studs These new Roses are beautiful. – Barb, 2018-02-23

Studs Love these Leafy Studs. – Barb, 2018-02-23

Disappointed Hi GaelSong, I have always been a fan of your merchandise, but I have to say I was a bit taken back with this order. Although I misjudged the size of the earrings I ordered for my great-nieces, the fact that they didn't come in gift boxes had me a bit miffed. The green bags were cute, but the earrings in their minute size get lost within the fabric. Thx, Lisa – Lisa A Carr, 2018-02-18

Celtic Stud Earrings Perfect---Beautiful – Brenda Weaver, 2017-12-29

very pretty earrings I purchased these as a present and was so thrilled at these earrings that I purchased another set for myself. They are very pretty snowflakes. I highly recommend these when they are available again. A great bargain too! – Kate, 2017-12-23

Perfect These are my go-to studs for my second holes - they're the perfect size and style. – Kay Dirling, 2017-11-06

Celtic Studs These studs arrived in three days of ordering and are absolutely fabulous. They are slightly larger than I expected which I am pleased about. – Ashley, 2017-10-05

Outstanding detail. Very lovely detailed dragons. They are small studs, as expected, but still, the detail is outstanding! I highly recommend them, and all the designs in this line. – Teresa Kenny, 2017-07-12

stud earrings I am happy with all the earrings I received and the purse also. good quality. – karen avines, 2017-06-16

Perfection These are awesome. Just the right size and what a great price. Glad I took the chance and got them. I've worn them every day. – Sandra, 2017-06-14

Wife Loves Them! You know you did good when the wife puts the item on immediately and wears it for the week. Prompt shipping and great customer service are icing on the cake. – b_dub, 2017-05-31

Beautiful earrings Love these earrings!!! So beautiful, excellent quality, perfect size. I get compliments every time I wear them. – Nicole , 2017-05-30

Sweet little studs The little leafy studs are lovely and the detail is great. I had purchased 3 other designs about 10 yrs ago and when Gaelsong came out with the leaf, well, I had to add it to the tiny collection! – Carol Lee, 2017-05-02

Excellent detail & quality Great 925 silver with fine detail and an oxidized finish. – Tami, 2017-03-25

very pretty The earrings are just as they appeared in the catalog. Service was prompt. – Sue, 2017-03-11

too small Extremely small--almost microscopic. – Renee, 2017-03-06

Beautiful details... I ordered the trinity knots and was thrilled with the details in such a tiny earring. Have worn them every day with no problems, even with a severe allergy. Got these to wear with your beautiful spiral threader earrings. Now ordering the wee spirals to "leave in" for everyday with the trinity knots. – Linda, 2017-02-21

Lovely Excellent quality earrings. Posts stay on well. Love the spiral design! – banana, 2017-02-16

Celtic Studs Love the earrings – Loretta Butler, 2017-01-25

Earrings The Trinity knot ear studs were delightful. Just perfect for my g-dtrs first earrings. Her name is Trinity and she is of Irish descent. Thank you. – Anna, 2017-01-03

Thrilled! Love these earrings! I was so happy to see these, they happen to be a perfect match to a little owl necklace my 9 yr old granddaughter has. She will be thrilled!! – Mina, 2016-11-01

good earrings I ordered 3 pair of silver studs. They are all very pretty and a good price! – Valerie Silva, 2016-10-29

Bumblebee earrings I love my little earrings :) they are very sturdy and beautiful. just what I was looking for. – Angie, 2016-10-20

Celtic knot earrings The earrings are just the right size, are not gaudy for a 76 year old (me) and are a good price. I bought a second pair in case I misplace one. – judith flores, 2016-10-07

Fabulous I have been wanting these for a while now. I was a little concerned of their size because I have small ear lobes. They are the perfect size and weight. I'm so happy that I bought them. – Emily, 2016-07-01

celtic stud earrings Beautiful! Small and elegant. I lost the first pair, so I had to have a replacement. – sherree, 2016-07-01

Lovely earrings Earrings are actually better than pictured! – Marilee Urban, 2016-06-11

Just perfect! The dragon earrings have so much detail and are just the right, dainty, size. – Laurie R, 2016-06-11

Trinity earrings  Perfect! – Christie MCGEEIN, 2016-05-01

Cute little swirls These are very cute little swirl earrings. They can be worn either by young girls or for a second or third hole earrings. I have bought them before, and they can get lost very easily because of the small size. I just really like these earrings. – Yvonne, 2016-04-28

Stud earrings   LOVE, LOVE THEM!!! – DEBORAH , 2016-04-27

Ear studs Perfect size. Excellent quality and workmanship. Love them! – Patricia Wiley, 2016-04-03

studs The ear studs were exactly what I wanted. Beautiful! – Patricia Wiley, 2016-04-03

Neat The small dragon stud earrings are very unique and striking in design and the dragon rendition is excellent. Being a lover of dragons, I find them a lot of fun to wear. They are perfect with jeans and sweaters. – Ruby G Webster, 2016-01-27

Stud Purchases  Bought 4 pairs of studs. Arrive on time and each was in a nice little green bag. I had ordered express delivery and they called and said it was not needed as they were so close. Thought that extra was great. – David Winter, 2016-01-23

Big Hit Gift They are adorable and my daughter loves them! – Joanne, 2015-12-29

Dragon earrings She LOVES them. – Ronald Hill, 2015-12-27

Positive Experience Absolutely no problems, arrived on time, expactly as advertized in the catalogue. Will do it again. – Jim Merkel, 2015-12-26

J10125 spirals One of the posts came damaged and bent. I had ordered 4 pairs of earrings and 2 of them had bent posts!! It is impossible to wear these -- too bent to go into pierced ear. Just reviewed the other earrings also. I certainly know that your products are not checked thoroughly or packed well enough before they are sent! and not to order any more. – susan behrens, 2015-11-06

GaelSong Comments:
Thank you for your review, Susan! We're very sorry you received your earrings in that condition, and would like to make your order right. One of our customer service representatives will be in touch with you. We do attempt to quality-check and package all of our items with care, but these studs may have been missed or may have been bent in transit. We certainly apologize, and hope you will give us another chance.
J10329 One of the posts was bent out of shape. it cannot be repaired -- i tried. I had planned to call and tell you, but then i received this survey. This is a disappointment because they are cute earrings. – susan behrens, 2015-11-06

GaelSong Comments:
Thank you for your review, Susan! We're very sorry you received your earrings in that condition, and would like to make your order right. One of our customer service representatives will be in touch with you. We do attempt to quality-check and package all of our items with care, but these studs may have been missed or may have been bent in transit. We certainly apologize, and hope you will give us another chance.
Dragon earrings These are sweet little dragons and work great with my others – Elaine, 2015-10-28

Earrings Nice little silver dragon earrings for a Christmas gift. – Wilma Immonen, 2015-10-23

Celtic Stud Earrings All of the earrings were very nice, delicate and ideal for me to wear as I can only handle sterling silver without an allergic reaction. Thank you for a quality product! – Paula Pardowsky, 2015-10-08

Aw so cute – Janet Keeten, 2015-09-18

Silver royalty indeed Delicate beauty in the detail and intricate design. Appreciate the craftsmanship. Thank you. – Renee Main, 2015-07-06

very nice stud earrings These are lovely, little earrings. I like the entire series that you offer, I am sure I will order more! – Caroline, 2015-05-15

LOVE THESE EARRINGS!!!! Perfect size! My celtic soul also loves them! Of course, since they came from GaelSong, I knew I'd be exactly what I wanted, and they were! – Kat, 2015-04-29

owl earrings These are just right. Not heavy, good quality. Will go with everything. Love their products. – Mary Jennings, 2015-03-14

great beautiful – chelley jones, 2015-03-12

Darling Tiny, adorable and comfortable; just what I was looking for in an everyday stud earring. – Beth, 2015-02-13

Cute but SMALL The dragons are cute, but they are so small I don't really feel like you can see them from farther than 3-4 feet away. They are about the size of my pinky nail and I have small hands. Several of my friends squinted when I wore them and said, "Oh, those are dragons!" after they got super close to my ear to check them out. If they were about twice the size they are I would be in love with them. – Morgan, 2014-12-31

Christmas present order wonderful response time, gift arrived before scheduled date, perfect condition. Many thanks! – Kate, 2014-12-30

Satisfied Item is very pretty and loved by the recipient. Item arrived on time. Very satisfied with the service received. – Demetria Velazquez, 2014-12-29

Celtic Stud Earrings Very pleased with the earrings. Also there was an error in another item I ordered and it was very quickly corrected. Your customer service person was fabulous!! – Florence Mahoney, 2014-12-28

Lovely Quality is wonderful. Know these will look great for a long time and excited to give them as a gift! – Jane, 2014-12-22

Enameled Clover Studs These earrings are extremely tiny but beautiful. I bought them to use in a second hole and they are perfect. I am happy with the quality. – NLG53, 2014-12-21

nice detail, but although they are small the detail is nice, but the back to the earrings are so small you can hardly grip them to put them onto the stud. – cheryl gulics, 2014-12-14

Celtic enamel stud four leaf clover Thought they would be a little larger. Very tiny. I will give to my grand daughter. Thank you – Mary Jennings, 2014-12-13


disappointed I purchased these earrings in the past and lost one, and because I loved them so much, I ordered another pair. They came and were half the size of the original ones. Beautiful but too small! – Linda Hanahan, 2014-11-23

You Have My Irish Heart Dainty, perfection, and absolute elegance through simplicity! Bought these as a gift for my granddaughter's 10th birthday. She just had her ears pierced (Birthday gift from her Mom) and we were looking for earrings appropriate for her age. This are the perfect size and a sweet style she can wear now and as she grows up. – Bobette Beck, 2014-10-14

Happy Very happy with the beautiful earrings I ordered. Everything was great!! – Vicki, 2014-10-01

Not actual size I recently received two sets of the Blue Moon Shell Inlaid Studs. Although they are very attractive and an excellent price, the statement in the catalog, "studs shown at actual size", is not accurate. These studs are a bit smaller than shown in the catalog, about 2/3 the size. So, be aware when purchasing these particular studs that they really are smaller. Other than that, they are very nice and well worth the price. – Manitonian, 2014-09-17

Clover studs Very tiny, but so cute! Have been wearing them since I got them. Very satisfied. – Linda, 2014-09-12

SPIRAL EARRINGS Tiny, lovely earrings – Terry Bilheimer, 2014-05-11

So Cool!! These are perfect!! The dragons are very detailed yet small. Exactly what I was looking for. Arrived quickly. Highly recommended!! – Laura, 2014-03-25

Spiral earrings I loved the earrings but one fell out after taking a shower and fell down the drain. :( maybe the backing wasn't tight enough. The earrings are beautiful though! – Rev, 2014-03-03

Dragon earrings The order was for my girlfriend on Valentine's Day. The package arrived on time and she loved them. Nice detail and size. – Barry, 2014-02-25

Lovely Celtic Cross earrings These are petite and beautifully made. At times I just like something small in my ears. These are perfect. They would be great for multiple pierced ears as well. – Pam, 2014-01-27

beautiful spirals Spirals are the celtic symbol I am drawn to so these oval earrings were perfect. Beautifully crafted. I will wear them often. – Mary Ann, 2014-01-15

Moon Pentacle Studs Pretty, but subtle. Well made and solid. My new favorites. – Karin, 2014-01-06

Great! I bought these for my sister, she loves them! – Becky Ponsetto, 2013-12-30

Mini earrings These earrings are just perfect for either a child or for the top of your ear. I also have the larger ones and will be wearing them all together. Thank you for another great product. – Yvonne, 2013-12-27

loved them! It's not always easy finding jewelry in the symbol of the triskel. Perfect size...not too big, not too small. I went back and ordered the celtic crosses. – Joanne Darby, 2013-12-22

I HAD to replace one! I had ordered a pair of these a couple of years ago. Finally I lost one. I gave in and replaced them because I like them so much! – Maria, 2013-12-17

Love the products I ordered.  I ordered the Dragon Earrings and two cookie stamps. Received the earrings in time for my daughter's birthday and the stamps earlier than expected. Very prompt and very securely packaged. Thanks for making my order so easy. – Connie Kimball, 2013-11-27

Delicate and beautiful The earrings are perfect for a gift I'm giving to someone who appreciates small elegant things. She will love them!! – Joanne , 2013-11-26

Perfect Everything I've purchased from Gaelsong has always been of the highest quality. These earrings were no exception. They were a gift for my granddaughter and she loves them. – Katherine Marek, 2013-10-24

Celtic Stud Earrings Love these! So tiny I can leave them in all the time, even while sleeping. For those times when I forget to put on the "perfect" earrings for the day, I can still feel completely put together with these. – Nancy, 2013-05-08

Timely and what I expected.  The earrings came quickly in the mail. They were exactly as the picture showed. – Liz, 2013-03-19

Celtic Knot earrings Lovely design and very pretty on! – Kathy Brown, 2013-03-09

Perfect & Pretty I bought these for my top earhole when I wear drop earrings in bottom hole - they are perfect! Looking forward to buying more. – Heather, 2013-03-07

Stud Trinity Knot Heart Earrings I will be giving this to my wife for V-day. Thank you so much for prompt delivery, also the gift wrapping was very nice including the card. – Mike Carmody, 2013-02-11

Nice Earrings Nice earrings! Thank you for getting them to us before Christmas - good service! – Ann Taylor, 2012-12-28

Celtic Stud Earrings The shipping was quick and the earrings are beautiful. – Georgia Eastman, 2012-12-25

MR. I wanted twin 8 year olds to start out with something with an Irish theme... your studs fit the bill... thanks... – ALLAN JONES, 2012-12-20

Earrings Very nice, they are for a gift. – Bev Toth, 2012-12-09

Elemental cross studs Good quality! – Sidney Breese, 2012-10-22

Trinity knot Good quality! – Sidney Breese, 2012-10-22

Perfect Though the post is placed a little awkwardly on the Triskelion set I cannot wear them enough. I absolutely adore these studs. I am planning on buying more. – Andrea, 2012-01-18

LOVE I just received my cross stud earrings, very pretty, I just love these. – DEBI , 2011-08-01

Beautiful detail for being small! For being so small, these earrings are quite detailed. I love the dragon ones as a dragon is one of my recently discovered totems. They hold up well, too. I frequently sleep in mine and they've not bent or twisted in anyway. However, perhaps Gaelsong could consider selling them in pairs and singles? I dropped one down the drain recently, so I have to wear 1 in my single piercing in my ear :( – Katie, 2011-03-08

Celtic stud earrings These earrings are lovely, I bought three pairs, but was disappointed to find that my skin reacts to the metal in the posts. I do not have especially sensitive skin, generally only the cheapest quality posts bother me. I do not plan to buy from Gael Song again. I gave them a three because they really are very pretty, even if wearable only for short periods. From GaelSong Customer Service: We're sorry your skin reacted poorly to these earrings! Different skin chemistry does cause varying reactions with different people, even with sterling silver. We hope that you will consider our products again in the future. – Norma, 2010-03-23

earrings Love the studs!!! They are a perfect size and will compliment several of my many ear piercings. I ordered the triple spirals, the round eternal knots, and the dragons. Gorgeous!!! – Tia, 2009-08-28

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