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Flying Raven Pendant The raven is known in many cultures as a messenger between the spirit and earthly worlds. This raven flies with purpose, bringing a message known only to her. Highly detailed sterling silver pendant, adorned in black enamel and tiny black crystals, on an 18" satin or leather cord.

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J20323 Flying Raven Pendant

 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)

Customer Reviews

Celtic Raven Pendant I originally bought this pendant with the leather necklace. But, the wide hook kept coming loose. Altho' I pinched it shut, I lost the necklace about 2 days later. I reordered with the satin necklace. Much better with a lockable clasp. – Robert Ward, 2018-04-12

Flying Raven Pendant Very striking, artfully made. I changed the leather necklace because the clasp wasn't secure and I was afraid it would open. I also thought the price tag was a little excessive. – Mickey Rosato, 2018-02-11

Ms Just beautiful. – Tamia Cramer, 2018-01-06

Raven Pendant I had purchased one of these for myself over a year ago, and bought this one as a gift. I was disappointed in the quality of this necklace--the silver was already beginning to tarnish and unlike my previous purchase the closer on the leather cord was a simple hook rather than a better quality magnetic closer. I almost sent it back and would not purchase another. – Marilynn K. Martin, 2017-12-24

raven necklace  loved the raven head, but fabric it was attached to is too short and of poor quality – Patricia Dunn, 2017-12-19

GaelSong Comments:
Thank you for your review, Patricia! We're always happy to assist with an exchange or return if any of our products do not meet your expectations; please give us a call at 800-207-4256 if we can help.
Very Pretty Pendant I'm happy with this product. I ordered it with the leather rather than silk necklace, and the leather needs to relax a little. It retained some of its shape after being coiled in the packaging. But I'm happy that I bought this item and am looking forward to wearing it. – RJ, 2017-08-08

beautiful piece of jewelry beautiful piece – robert horton, 2017-06-16

Raven pendant was a hit The Raven Pendant arrived as shown in the picture and on time for Christmas. It was much appreciated. – David Risch, 2016-12-31

Flying Raven Pendant Very nice. Bought it for a male friend. – Oona, 2016-12-26

flying raven pendant love it will tell others about your web site. – peggy larsen, 2016-12-21

Surprise  I gave this necklace as a gift to my daughter. Looking at it in the catalog I wasn't sure about it, but thought she might like it. When I recieved it I thought it was pretty, but I still wasn't sure about it. When she put it on it was beautiful! I loved it, she loved it. We are both happy. – Diane, 2016-12-18

Beautiful The raven pendant is fantastic!!!! Great size and fantastic workmanship!!! – Gloria, 2016-12-11

Flying Raven Pendent The actual pendent is gorgeous and I absolutely love it. The satin chord that comes with it is useless junk. I could have made this chord for $2.00. I replaced it with my own sterling chain, much better. – Donna Beals , 2016-11-07

Raven Beautiful. It is a gift for my husband and it turned out much better than I expected. I am sure he will be happy with it. Thank you for the incredible selection and for the promptness in sending the order out. – Debbie, 2016-08-12

Lovely pendant I needed a gift for a 65 yr old man who is studying native American cultures. He loved it. – Rebecca Ermisch, 2016-04-27

Flying Raven Pendant Beautiful piece although, the clasp is not very strong. I lost the necklace at a large amusement park and was heartbroken. Luckily, a good Samaritan returned it. Replaced clasp with a lobster-claw. – Dawn T., 2016-02-21

Perfect It was exactly what I was hoping for. – Kate, 2016-01-11

A Sterling Find Have been jonesing for this necklace for a long time, and finally ordered it. It's a beautiful necklace and one I'll wear regularly for years to come. – Bonnie L Pope, 2016-01-02

Gorgeous Raven It's exactly as depicted and very beautiful. I'm very happy with it. Highly recommended. – Shenandoah Brown, 2015-12-29

Excellent gift I shopped the catalog for ages and kept coming back to this Raven when considering gifts for a special guy. It looks great on him and I think he'll wear it often. – Forthecraic, 2015-12-26

Great gift! Put the pendent in a white elephant gift exchange. Stolen and fought over by many people. Person who finally got it now wears it proudly. – Andrew , 2015-12-07

Slips Off Loved this so much! But the clasp was too small, and the pendent slipped off and was gone. I never knew til too late.to find it again. :-( – Peggy S, 2015-12-06

Raven flies high I received the pendant quickly, well-packaged in a nice pouch. The magnetic clasp makes it easy and quick to put on and take off. It looks great and I have received compliments on it. I am very pleased with the purchase, and with GaelSong in general. – Rick, 2015-11-22

Raven Pendant  Absolutely Beautiful with the black cord--suitable for man or woman. – Laura Cyr, 2015-11-11

Pendant Really nice – Sue Andrews, 2015-11-03

She loves the pendant II bought the Raven In Flight pendant for my wife on the occasion of our 13th Anniversary. She loves it and wears it everywhere. I was impressed with the quality workmanship of the piece and very happy with the quick delivery. – Leonard Compton, 2015-10-06

Love this necklace! I got the crow pendant with the leather band. The pendant is good quality and I love the magnetic clasp. The necklace looks as good in reality as it did in the catalog. Very satisfied. – Dodi, 2015-06-11

Glorious Raven  I love GaelSong catalogs because the items are all so beautiful - and when they arrive, they manage to be even more beautiful than I expected from the photo. The Raven is absolutely beautiful quality, and looks very striking when worn. Very, VERY happy with it. – Carol Nemeroff, 2015-05-21

Great Item Beautiful piece. Arrived well on time. Very glad I bought it. – Mary, 2015-05-17

Magnificent One of the most beautifully crafted necklaces I have ever seen. Truly amazing. – Blue, 2015-03-01

Flying Raven Pendant While it was a gift, the pendant was as expected and my wife loves it. Thank you. – Robert Smiley, 2015-02-25

raven leather necklace It's beautiful. It's just as it was pictured. I love it. It's going to make a wonderful gift to a friend. – Cindy Gilliand, 2015-01-28

Flying Raven Pendent Great detail! Like the magnetic clasp! Great gift! – Mark Stenberg, 2015-01-28

good quality Nicely formed metal. Great design and perfect fit. – JOAN, 2015-01-15

Fine quality The Raven pendant is very high quality jewelry. My wife is very pleased with the gift. – Rick Lewis, 2015-01-04

STUNNING i am a woman and i like the raven so much, such a stunning design of this bird in flight, happy with my purchase plus the discount, nice surprise. – jean campbell, 2014-12-17

I love this necklace I chose this necklace because crows/ravens are my spirit animal. This necklace really delivers. It is unusual and beautiful. Just like its owner... – SassiAani, 2014-12-17

raven Better "in person" than in the catalog. So very happy with my purchase. Thank you so much. – Mark Edie, 2014-12-07

Raven pendant Beautifully done! I love this Raven, and wear it a lot. I have received compliments. – Alli, 2014-12-02

Beautiful raven This raven is exceptionally well crafted and very beautiful to look at and wear. It is a happy addition to my raven collection! – Andrea Hughes, 2014-12-01

Raven pendant Beautiful piece of jewelry. Great craftsmanship. – Dennis, 2014-12-01

Stunning pendant I love this and have gotten many compliments on it in the short time I've owned it. As the catalog copy implies, it really does feel like the raven is purposefully carrying a message... who knows where? Surprisingly lightweight. Take note that if you have other metal necklaces in the same jewelry box, the magnetic clasp is powerful enough to seize them and start a fight. Definitely strong magnets -- two parts of this unusual clasp are held on entirely by magnetic force! It makes the length a tiny bit adjustable. It's a beautiful piece I'll wear often. – GravityDefyingBird, 2014-11-10

One of my favorite pieces This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It is elegant, substantial and compelling to look at. Seems to work for both men and women. Mine had a clasp and not a magnet closure, FYI. – Maria, 2014-11-05

Beautiful! I got this pendant for my fiance and he loved it! He loves the fact that it has a magnet closure instead of a clasp. Had nice detail and well made and best of all it is more beautiful in real life then the catalog. – Stephanie, 2014-10-20

Beautiful Raven This is an absolutely lovely piece, and is even more attractive in person than in the photo. It is substantial and finely crafted. I love Raven arts/crafts of all kinds, and this piece is truly a standout, well worth the price! – Susan K., 2014-09-26

beautiful !!!!!! This necklace is even better than the picture in the catalog. It is a substancial piece. Love, Love, Love it. – sharon curnett, 2014-09-10

Love Gaelsong Outstanding service for a great product. Love this necklace-gave it for a gift to my daughter. This was packaged well and attractively and it arrived in a very timely fashion! Probably the best online shopping experience I've ever had. Thank You! – Sheri Foster, 2014-09-02

OUTSTANDING!! it is beautiful; well crafted and a heavy, sturdy piece of jewelry; they were nice enough to make the leather longer so it would fit my husband better. – Ana , 2014-08-19

Raven Pendant I bought this for my grand-nephew for his high school graduation. The Raven is significant to him for various reasons and he feels a affinity with them. When he opened the box, he threw his arms around me and said, "I love it!" – Kathryn Creswell, 2014-06-27

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