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Beveled Knot Window The random beauty of frost on a window brings delight to a cold winter morning. Textured glass forms a graceful background to the crystal-like clarity of a beveled-glass eternal knot. Clear glass. 11 1/2" x 14"; hanging hardware included. Rush delivery not available.

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D91190 Beveled Knot Window
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)

Customer Reviews

Beveled Knot Windows We are remodeling our house and I am using the 6 Beveled Knot Windows to let in sunlight for 2 natural pine paneled walls of the exact size. Three of these windows will let in sunlight from our living room picture window into the foyer and dining room. The other three windows will be letting sunlight in from the eat in kitchen that has double pine french doors as well as a window into the dining room area creating a light airy feel to the room. We are inserting these windows into actual window frames within the 2 natural pine paneled walls, not hanging them from the chains they came with. – Mary Sgromolo, 2018-06-19

Beautiful! Exactly what I wanted. Very beautiful and excellent quality. – Celeste, 2018-01-30

Beautiful I actually ordered this as a gift but I wanted it for myself. It's the perfect size and stunning with the different light effects. I've asked for one for the next holiday - if not, I'll have to be a secret Santa! It's truly beautiful – Jo Dolan, 2017-12-30

Irish Eternity Knot in glass I sent this in memory of a very dear friend's dad who just passed away. The family was very, very pleased with it. I haven't seen it but I understand it is really exquisite and beautifully crafted. – Jane, 2017-09-29

LOVED IT I bought the beveled knot window for a friend who has long loved Ireland and is now moving to a new home. As a house-warming gift, it is just perfect! The quality is substantial and the workmanship beautiful. It is also a great price for a gift. – satisfied customer, 2017-09-23

Nice window addition The Beveled Knot window arrived safely & service was prompt & in good time. Very satisfied with the product. – Harry Allagree, 2017-06-10

Beveled Knot Window Hanging Arrived in a timely manner and was packaged very well. – Kirsten Shusda, 2017-06-07

cut glass FUNKY I bought a beautiful stained/etched glass hanging decoration from you years ago and the quality was superb. This one I returned because it felt and looked like plastic. It was so ugly and poorly made. Joan – Joan Hendrix, 2017-03-13

GaelSong Comments:
Thank you for your review, Joan. This window is indeed fully leaded glass, which can sometimes feel like plastic. That said, we're always happy to assist with an exchange or return if any of our products do not meet your expectations; please give us a call at 800-207-4256 if we can help.
Celtic Knot Love the window – Amy K, 2016-12-21

Celtic knot glass hanging We have this hanging in a window and it gets reflexions from nearby greenery. – Mary Duggan, 2016-10-26

beveled knot window Very happy with product and service – Deborah Besl, 2016-10-26

Love it! I love the beveled glass Celtic knot window hanging. In my window it reflects the many shades of green from the tree outside. the slight imperfections commented on in someone elses' review are barely noticeable in mine - the little window hanging looks simply beautiful to me. – Mary, 2016-10-05

Awesome  Your product and service were awesome. – Suzanne Majury, 2016-01-05

Beveled glass window Beautiful, matches my tattoo. fast service, thank you. – Sheila, 2015-11-28

Plain but nice Doesn't reflect the colors as well as I thought it would, but still nice...it grew on me after I hung it in my window for a while...it's a gift but I might buy one for myself. – Mary, 2015-03-14

beveled knot window  Very well made and very well packaged – Timothy, 2015-03-08

Happy Irish Woman I have admired this item for quite some time. Christmas was fast approaching and hubby needed an idea so I left your catalog out on the dining room table. Guess what I received for Christmas????? I absolutely love my window hanger. The sun shining through it in the morning is most heartwarming. Thanks hubby and Gaelsong. – Patricia Poelker, 2015-01-02

Sloppy job on the panes The glass was lovely, but the dark outlines of the Celtic knot were sloppy and flaking--can one expect anything more from yet another product from China? – Mary Kay, 2014-12-29

Beautiful I love this! Looks lovely hanging in the window. So lovely I bought 2. – Sherri Healey, 2014-12-19

window While it feels much more like heavy plastic than glass, it was remarkably well packaged, arrived on time and does look nice in a sunny window – Burrito, 2014-12-07

Beveled Knot Window Gorgeous, beautiful, and other adjectives. I could rave forever. It's hanging in a window that gets the afternoon sun, and it glows!! – Gayle, 2014-11-24

Lovely! These beveled glass panels arrived in perfect condition and look lovely. I bought two and have put them up in the west-facing bay windows over my kitchen sink. The afternoon light shines through them and gives a really wonderful aura to that space. Makes me actually WANT to cook supper! – Brenda, 2014-11-22

Beveled Knot Window I mistakenly ordered from the picture showing pastel colored glass. I received clear glass as per description. A little disappointed but still find it acceptable – John Van Winkle, 2014-10-24

GaelSong Comments:
Thank you for your review, John! We're sorry that the image was confusing. This window is shown in front of a garden scene, so the colors you're seeing through the glass are those of the background showing through the clear glass of the window. Thank you for helping to clarify this for other customers!
Celtic glass I would have given this a "5" but for the fact that I thought there was a greenish tint surrounding the beautiful celtic symbol. Instead, it's all clear and frosted glass. It's still very lovely. – Noreen, 2014-06-21

Beautiful celtic stained-glass This is exactly what I was looking for to hang on our porch. It is beautiful! – Mary Beth Hill, 2014-05-12

Made in China. . . really? I received this as a gift from my mother-in-law. I rated it a 2 because it was wrapped beautifully. However, I agree with other comments on the quality and the source. If I want made in China, I'll go to WalMart. I personally have ordered from GaelSong in the past, but the last couple of items I ordered were of poor quality and not from the UK or USA. That's what used to be so special about their merchandise... the Celtic connection. I hope they view this review as a hopeful message to return to quality merchandise that compliments our Celtic roots. – Karen , 2013-12-29

GaelSong Comments:
Thank you for your review, Karen! We appreciate your feedback, as we do try to source our products from Irish, UK or US distributors whenever possible. Some of our products do indeed come from other sources, as they can prove more economical, and we can pass those lower prices on to our customers. We hope you continue to find lovely, Celtic items with us that fulfill your expectations!
Simple-ly Beautiful! Very Celtic & lovely in an understated way that perfectly fits the spot I have in mind. And it was very well packaged for shipping. – otterann, 2013-12-28

Great Gift I bought this for my daughter's birthday. She loves it and it looks great in the window. Well made, good workmanship. – Gisa, 2013-12-28

Beautiful - Not Authentic Although this is a beautiful window - it is made in China. – AJH, 2013-12-27

excellent My parents loved this for their sun room. I'm thrilled with the quality. – mary, 2013-12-26

disappointed Picture in catalog not accurate. Led to believe glass was painted, did not realize it was clear. – Marianne, 2013-12-19

GaelSong Comments:
Thank you for your review, Marianne! We're very sorry you were confused by the image of this window, and thank you for your review which will help other customers.
beautiful!! Just received this, love it! It's a gift for my daughter, she'll love it! Would certainly recommend this! – Cheryl G, 2013-11-17

Beveled Knot Window Best wrapped package EVER. Beautiful window graces our home. Big thanks to the artist. – Malynn Moorhead, 2013-09-28

Beveled Knot Window Excellent product and great service! – Beverly, 2013-06-28

Mixed emotions I ordered the bevel knot window as a gift for my parents. They say it's beautiful. The wrapping was nice gold paper and my mom was impressed that it was tied with a real ribbon. The only complaint I have is that it wasn't sent when it was promised and I had to call the company to find out the status of my order and to ask for a tracking number. It did arrive just in the nick of time. – Lisa, 2012-12-25

Beveled Glass  I requested and paid for separate shipping to my niece's home in Marietta, Ga but your company sent it to me. Your phone representative responded " we failed you miserably." From GaelSong Customer Service: We're so sorry we flubbed your shipment request, Suzanne! We always strive to give the very best customer service, but we did fail in this instance. We hope that you accept our apology, and have a happy holiday nonetheless! – Suzanne Shimp, 2012-12-20

gift was satisfactory I ordered this as a gift. It was shipped promptly. The recipient said it was well made, and cast lovely rainbows, which was what he wanted. – Beth, 2012-11-01

Clear Beveled Hanging This is a beautiful accessory for my home. It is made in China and I was surprised about that. The quality is high! – Shay, 2012-09-16

I was shocked I've always been very happy with Gaelsong products, but the beveled glass was awful. I'm not certain they were glass. They had many flaws, felt cheap, and were made in China! Not very Celtic. I've sent them back. I'll, of course continue to do business with you guys. I'll just be more careful with what I get. Thank you for letting me vent. From GaelSong Customer Service: Thank you for your review, Margaret! We're so sorry you're disappointed with your window. We hope that you continue to find other treasures to enjoy at GaelSong! Please contact us at 800-207-4256 if you have any questions or concerns about your return. – Margaret Garfield, 2012-09-11

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