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Celtic Enameled Ballpoint Pen Despite rumors to the contrary, the art of fine handwriting is alive and well. And what better way to expressively dot your i's and cross your t's than with a pen embellished with Celtic designs in black enamel? You may even be inspired to sit down and write a letter the old-fashioned way. 5 1/2", gift-boxed. Available in gold or silver.

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C18010 Celtic Enameled Ballpoint Pen

 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)

Customer Reviews

Excellent product Unique gift and well received! – Larry Weaver, 2018-02-26

Classy Bought as a gift, along with the Irish Blessings Journal for a dear, artistic High School graduate. She seemed to be genuinely pleased with both. It is something that I would love to receive as well. – Joan, 2017-06-06

Almost too Pretty to Use A birthday gift to myself, the Gold Celtic Enameled Ballpoint Pen totally surprised me. I ordered it to accompany the Blue Filigree Journal and the Nocturnelle Journal the two journals and pen make a lovely set on my desk. They are always sure to be commented on whenever guest come into my study. – William Murdaugh, 2016-04-14

Celtic pens I LOVE this pen! It was a gift from my sister a few years ago. I have looked through the website and in the catalogue but find no reference as to how to obtain re-fills. I did order re-fills quite awhile ago but that option does not appear to be available. Please provide a reference number for the same. Thanks! – Suzan, 2015-10-01

Beautiful, but the finish wears off These are gorgeous pens, but after a few months, the finish starts to wear off of the silver ones. I haven't noticed this problem with the gold. They can also be refilled with different colors and brands of ink, but be careful doing this as the part that screws in can become stripped if this is done too forcefully. Overall they are beautiful pens and I get compliments on them all the time. – Anna, 2015-08-09

GaelSong Comments:
Thank you for your review, Anna! We're sorry that the finish has been wearing on the silver pens; we have not heard of this issue before. If you'd like to discuss your experience with a customer service representative, please give us a call at 800-207-4256!
Very nice Love this pen – Ginny, 2014-03-05

Disappointing I'm an author; I like to have nice pens for autographing books. Having a Celtic ancestry I thought this would be perfect, with its textured knots. But when I got it, I discovered it wasn't textured at all -- it was an ordinary black pen with metallic screen print of the knots on it -- and looks like it. Very disappointed. It's a decent pen and writes well, and I'll keep it, but it won't be a pen that I display at a booksigning. – WriterSteph, 2014-02-04

Celtic Gold Pen This looks very expensive and the Celtic design is beautiful. – Ann Folger, 2014-01-02

Celtic Pens in silver This was a Christmas gift for my boss. He loved them. – Diane Hutter, 2013-12-26

Gorgeous Pen Purchased both this and the silver as wedding gifts and am so glad as they are really, really nice. Very impressed and so happy with this purchase. THANK YOU – Janet C Hall-Sanchez, 2013-11-30

Beautiful Pen This pen is very beautiful and it was an instant hit with the person I gave it to. – Karla, 2012-12-26

Perfect pens I have both of these pens in the slimline - silver and gold, and they are my favorite pens ever! I already had a gold one and have used it constantly for two years and it's still perfect. I ordered more because I don't ever want to be without these pens. – Laurie, 2012-07-12

Beautiful - even after 8 yrs! I've had this pen (in the gold option) since 2004 (as near as I can remember), and keep it with my checkbook. It still looks brand new! Obviously high quality, it hasn't lost any of the detail of the knot design. Would make a lovely graduation gift for someone. – LanaM, 2012-05-26

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