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Window to the Soul Jewelry Windows to the Soul jewelry reflects the shining infinite spirit inside you. On the exterior, an unending double ring of silver eternal knotwork. The interior reveals the heart of gold shining through. Sterling silver gilded with 24k gold; gift-boxed. Pendant on 18" chain. Designed by Keith Jack.

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Item Price Quantity
J10048 Window to the Soul Earrings
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)
J20078 Window to the Soul Pendant
 + Gift Wrap ($5.00)

Customer Reviews

Windows of the Soul The pendant and earrings are gorgeous, well received and appreciated by the recipient. – William Cameron , 2018-11-25

wonderful earrings I had the pendant for several years, always looking to find the earrings. They are just the right size. I have diamonds but now I have window to my soul earrings. Love them. – Mary, 2017-11-21

earrings This are a gift for my daughter. They look beautiful. my daughter loves the matching necklace – Phyllis Szymanski, 2017-07-21

Window to the Soul Haven't taken them off yet! – Judith Boersma , 2017-02-26

Window to the soul Pendant and earrings Gorgeous set of jewelry. The quality is outstanding. The weight of the jewelry is just right. The finish is very rich!!!! – Brennan, 2017-01-06

Earrings They are actually nicer than they appear in the catalog & I thought they were quite pretty in the catalog – Lynn, 2016-10-12

Kitten Loved it! Kitten, my beautiful wife of 15 years, really was quite taken back with the Windows to the Soul earings that I purchased through your Awesome Company! Fan For Life! – William Barss, 2015-12-29

Window to the Soul earrings Beautifully made! Our daughter loved them. – Kathleen, 2015-01-09

Window to the Soul Earrings These earrings are even better than I expected! Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks Gaelsong. – jmiller, 2013-12-29

Window to the Soul Jewelry Lovely piece. Greatly appreciated by giftee. – Rick, 2013-12-02

Stunning My earrings just arrived. I wish I had somewhere to wear them tonight. They are simply stunning. The quality is very evident...now who could I get to buy me that pendant??? – AuntDeb, 2013-11-20

Gorgeous! Bought the necklace and am so happy with it! It is just stunning! Going to order the earrings now. – Evelyn, 2013-04-13

Gorgeous I bought the earrings first, fell in love with them. The following week ordered the necklace. Beautifully rendered & my favorite to wear. – Andie in Fairbanks, 2013-03-09

beautiful beautiful, just a liitle smaller than I expected. – Cassandra, 2013-02-11

wonderful! The earrings were exactly as beautiful as I had been led to hope from the magazine. Wonderful! – Dubhghall, 2012-12-18

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