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House Blessing "Peace to this House" - a simple wish, always appropriate. May all be well where your loved ones gather. Place this room blessing anywhere a special reminder is needed. Pewter blessing can be attached to a wall or doorpost; curved shape allows you to put a small prayer scroll or note in the back. 4 1/2" high, comes in a gift box. Solid pewter. Made in USA.

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D23870 House Blessing
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Customer Reviews

house blessing nice pewter...smaller than I expected...thought there was going to be a holder on the back for a message...no screws included...mildly disappointed. Purchases for a housewarming present and was under-whelmed. – marguerite, 2018-12-01

Thank you! I truly love working with you folks! My friend loved the peace plaque and has already installed it in her home. Thank you for making this gift possible and carrying through with all stages of my order so nicely! – Ann Bethune, 2018-02-07

House Blessing I ordered two of these and sent them as Christmas gifts to people who bought new homes this year. Both my friends loved it. It came promptly so that I could re-mail with a note. Very pleased. – Barbara Adams, 2017-12-19

Peace to this House This is not only a lovely decoration to put on one's house, it is a gentle reminder for all who enter, the desire for harmony within the walls. I love it so much, I bought one for my favorite brother and his lovely wife – Therese, 2017-12-06

House Blessing The House Blessing is a gift for friends who are moving to a new home. They loved it and so do I. It's a perfect gift for a new home. – Mary Jo Heilmeier, 2017-01-02

Perfect Exactly what I wanted for my home....now in a prominent place at my front door. One cannot have too much peace – Cdrgran, 2016-12-22

Liked It I liked the Blessing, but it was considerably smaller than I had visualized it. It is a Christmas Gift, so I will place it in a reusable decorative box to add to the value. It is very nice though. – Edwina, 2016-12-15

Wonderful Gift! These are very quality pieces and it made a great gift to someone moving into a new home or going through a tough time. Very pleased. – Jane, 2016-11-30

house blessing The recipients loved it! – Mary, 2016-01-10

House blessing for doorpost It is just lovely. I bought two of them for our 2-family flat. It is a shame however that the screws are not included. It makes it inconvenient as you have to go buy ones that fit and of course you have to buy a whole box when you only need 2. Charge another dollar and include the screws. – michelle schiller-baker, 2015-11-30

Small house blessing I love my Small blessing, a hidden gem – JoMarie, 2015-10-11

Great gift I bought this house blessing for myself and later as a gift for someone else. I think it makes a great housewarming gift. It is good quality, my only caveat is that it did not come with the nails to attach it to the wall. I thought the first one I bought did, but I could be wrong. Including the hardware would be nice although you just need two small nails to attach it. – Dodi, 2015-06-11

House Blessing Very lovely. Looks hand-crafted. – Mary Jane Rettig, 2015-06-03

Beautiful House Blessing The House Blessing is so beautiful. I will be sending it to my former neighbors who just moved to a new home in Alaska. – Donna Walters, 2015-05-12

Lovely! I bought this to give as a housewarming gift and was delighted at the good quality, craftsmanship and beauty of this item. – Martha, 2015-04-15

House Blessing Beautiful, very fine quality. The piece is very heavy for its size. I truly love it and the happiness for my home it represents. – Joyce, 2015-03-15

House Blessing  Bought this for our son for his new home. Excellent concept and quality! – Lynne Stovall, 2015-02-01

Beautiful! I love it. I will buy more for gifts. – James Rhea, 2015-02-01

Nice Quality this was well made and it will make a great house warming gift. – Sam, 2015-01-12

Nice gift Nice size, well made and a perfect gift for a house warming gift. It is so nice, I may keep it for myself. – joanne, 2015-01-08

Gaelic House Blessing Wonderful item. Very beautiful and bigger than expected. Good weight as well. I have one and give them as house gifts as well. Also have "Bless this House" on the inside of blessing. Great space on the back to write your own blessing and leave on the inside before putting on your wall. – Connor, 2014-12-28

Home Blessing This home blessing plaque is very beautiful. Very good craftsmanship. I got it as a house-warming gift for my son and daughter-in-law. I think they will like it. – Kay C., 2014-10-14

House Blessing I've bought several of these as gifts for various of my friends, I love them and hope one of my friends will buy me one someday. They are the perfect substitute for the Jewish door blessing for the non Jewish person. – Constance Wiggins, 2014-08-05

House Blessing Prompt & excellent service - Beautifully packaged if I needed it for a gift. – Margery Gray, 2014-06-28

House Blessing The House Blessing plaque is beautiful! A nice greeting for guests at my door. – Joseph Finelli, 2014-05-05

House Blessing  My house blessing is just great – Brenda Ward, 2014-03-14

beautiful item I have given these to several people as gifts. Everyone has been so pleased. Wonderful sentiment. Great quality. I've finally purchased one for myself. – Dea, 2014-01-02

House Blessing The House Blessing Plaque was beautiful. The quality was superb and I liked the little ribbon that accompanied it. A perfect little gift with meaning! – Michele M. Keefe, 2013-12-17

Great quality! Loved it! This is a present to my sister and Mother for Christmas - it is heavy pewter, much more than I expected! Love it! – MG, 2013-11-18

absolutely beautiful this is a hefty, joyful piece of jewelry for your home. – peggy davis, 2013-08-30

House Blessing I've given this as a gift twice now. Everyone loves them. I'm putting this on MY wish list. – Dea, 2013-08-19

BEAUTIFUL The picture doesn't do this justice. I just recently purchased this for my mother/father in law for their upcoming house blessing. I was totally shocked at how beautiful it was when I opened the package. I wanted something that was totally different than anything that you can buy in a store and this is just exactly what I was looking for! – Donna, 2013-07-20

House blessing We ordered this for our son and daughter-in-law who are building a new home in the near future. – Ralph Todd, 2013-03-08

House Warming Plaque I gave "Peace to this House" house warming plaque as a house warming gift. It's beautiful and just right for everyone. My daughter loved it! – Gwen, 2013-03-06

A Gem This plaque is a wonderful piece and beautifully made. It has a nice weight to it and the sentiment is simple yet charming. I have one in my home and I've also purchased them as gifts on several occasions. The plaque arrives in a lovely, blue gift box. Perfect for gift giving. I rarely write reviews but I'm more than happy to recommend this little gem. – suzie from Portland, 2013-02-27

House Blessing This piece of art is beautifully made and packaged. I haven't decided where I should put it. Maybe I need one for each door! – Jeanne, 2013-01-27

Blessed! It looks exactly as shown in the picture. It looked a little smaller than I imagined it would but I have since realized it is the perfect size. I have displayed it in my front entry way to be seen as guests enter. Also the underside is adorned with the same saying and detail, where your house blessing will be. I love it! – Robin, 2012-12-30

House Blessing I am very pleased with this item. It is a perfect small gift for someone, a house warming gift or a little something extra. It is very pretty and I think, desirable. – Constance Wiggins, 2012-12-18

House Door Blessing Lovely item. Solid, high quality metal that looks great. – Gregory, 2012-11-24

Bless this hour I love this plaque, and those I give it to love it also. It has amazing love energy for those who receive it. – Julie , 2012-11-20

Peace door blessing My husband and I just love it... we put it on our backdoor and we put blessings in it! Thank you! – Beth Lynn Cunningham Lindstrom, 2012-11-20

Peace Blessing Plaque Lovely...and so well made here in the U.S. The plaque comes with its own fitting screws for hanging. It is a beautiful pewter piece that would look nice wherever it is hung... inside or outside. Mine is hung on the door frame of the front door and offers a feeling of calmness as guests enter. I fully recommend this item as a gift or as a special something for your own home. – Nancy Wadley, 2012-10-28

GORGEOUS! Arrived beautifully packaged. Item is solid, absolutely beautiful and exactly as it appears in the catalog. Would recommend!! – happyone, 2012-07-23

Love it! I thought it was beautiful in the catalog, but was still quite surprised at how beautiful it was in person! It also has a wonderful weight to it. It's a very lovely, solid piece. – Julie Frost, 2010-01-12

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